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Unloading books sales for tax inspection

Information for users
A new release of programs that supports the unloading of the sales book for the tax office, all users who have extended the update can get free of charge in the FOLIO office.


New improvements

The information for the users
Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the I quarter of 2019.


Rounding settings as in 1C: Accounting

The issue of rounding in the documents is ambiguous and, in fact, mathematically unsolvable due to the fact that in the calculation of the amounts involved small quantities of a product (with accuracy to a few characters) or small prices and this is compounded by the calculation of the tax, which is calculated from the amount and is included in the calculated amount. At the same time, many accountants require that the total amount for all goods coincide with the accuracy of two characters.
Mathematically, it turns out nonsense. In reality, the amounts for the goods cannot coincide with the total amount for the document, calculated up to two characters.

In 1C: Accounting made the option of showing the document, which adjusts the amount of the documents, showing the wrong, but visually understandable calculation.
Going to meet the wishes of users using 1C: Accounting, we have long made it possible to show the document as in 1C:.
In the feature reference FOLIO describes about this setting. But many do not know about it.

Below shows what needs to be done in FOLIO Win to rounding, and displaying the document was, as in 1C::
To do this in the file cursclad.ini in the section [InpDoc] make the following settings:
PriceByFasov=comma separated types of operations;
For these types of transactions prices for the formation of the amount of the document will be considered as 1C:.
If you have one main type of operation, specify this type of operation for automatic filling:
DefVidOper0=operation type;
Fills in the transaction type for the new invoice with the specified value;
DefVidOper2=operation type;
Fills in the entry type for the new receipt with the specified value
If you work with currency and recalculate the price in rubles, you must specify:


VAT rate change from 2019. The program of FOLIO is ready to change

Due to the change in the VAT rate from 18% to 20% since 2019, FOLIO programs have implemented a mechanism for correcting the VAT rate on a group/subgroup of goods.

If you set the VAT in the product card, then for correction - just stand on the desired group / subgroup of products of the product card, right-click and select Subgroup name and tax correction

Subgroup name and tax correction

Subgroup name and tax correction

If you have VAT set in the documents-just from 01 January 2019 enter a new tax rate of 20% if the tax is on top and -20% if the tax is including.

Combined payment of a check is implemented in FOLIO Win

In FOLIO Win have the opportunity to pay one ticket partially with the card and partly in cash.
In the module FOLIO Check of FOLIO WinStore program this possibility has already been implemented previously.


The change in the price of FOLIO programs annual maintenance

From December 1, 2018, the prices for programs maintenance change.
Service invoices, issued before November 15 with a discount on the promotion and not paid by that time, will have to be paid at the full service price for the respective programs.


FOLIO WinStore integrates with VetIS FGIS Mercury

The possibility of connecting the integration module of an accounting program FOLIO WinStore with the system of Vetis FGIS Mercury is realized. The Mercury system is intended for electronic certification and traceability of products supervised by the Rosselkhoznadzor in order to create a common information environment for veterinary use and to improve biological and food safety.

According to the Federal law of 01.07.2015 243 "On amendments to the Law of the Russian Federation "On veterinary medicine", all products of animal origin is subject to mandatory electronic certification, registration of veterinary accompanying documents (VSD) in the Federal state information system (FGIS) Mercury.

Transition to mandatory registration of VSD in electronic form (EVSD) is introduced from July 1, 2018.

Integration of the accounting system "FOLIO WinStore" with FGIS Mercury, implemented using a universal gateway VetIS.API allows to automate the redemption of EVSD, making transportation and production of EVSD, to obtain data inventory journal batches, that is listed by the enterprise in the system of the FGIS Mercury, to conduct their inventory.

To purchase the solution and get advice, please contact the company's office.


FOLIO company - a quarter of a century!

a Quarter of a century has passed to FOLIO and we are pleased to welcome all our loyal users who have been keeping records with our company's software for many years.
we Hope that we will continue to support each other.

In anniversary year FOLIO has several large and interesting new projects. We hope that the new ideas and solutions incorporated in them will be useful to our clients.
FOLIO wishes You a good year, dear users!


A new mobile application: FOLIO mobile

The application is designed to automate the work of field managers and sales representatives of companies using the trading and accounting program FOLIO WinSklad. It is used on mobile devices (smartphones, tablets) running Android 5.0 and higher.


A new Web application "FOLIO Internet-Order"

The application is intended for wholesale businesses (wholesale suppliers) using the program "FOLIO Winsklad." It allows the company's customers to place orders for goods on the vendor's website.
At the same time, information about the status and progress of orders is automatically transferred to the FOLIO warehouse program database.


FOLIO stop to support updating of its programs for MS SQL server 2000

The information for the users
All modern versions of FOLIO programs run on versions of MS SQL server starting from 2008 and higher, so the replacement version of FOLIO SOFTWARE - a new one, made only for these versions of the server.
If you have MS SQL server 2000 yet, you must upgrade it to at least 2008 before you install our software update.

In addition to the possibility of using a newer version of FOLIO Winsklad with new functionality, you will get a program that works faster by optimizing the server or its free version (MSDE).

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