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FOLIO supports the new version of UTM 4.0.2 in the USAIS system

The new version of UTM 4.0.2 of the USAIS system has changed the formats for sending and receiving documents.
In the outgoing invoice, you can now set the format of sending (3 or 4), and on the "Transport" tab, there is a sign of a change of owner (by default, there is a check mark).
In addition, the form of the write-off act has been changed - the amount of write-off on sale has been added.
For more information, see the USAIS point in the revisions of the first quarter of 21.

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Check out the functional changes and additional features of warehouse accounting programs, that appeared in the first quarter of 2021.


FOLIO offers a ready-made solution for working in the cloud

Cloud solution - a ready-made technical solution designed to interact with the server and databases of FOLIO programs hosted on Internet resources.
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The new bill of lading form is supported by FOLIO programs

Information for users
The Government of the Russian Federation has approved new rules for the transport of goods by road (Resolution No. 2200 of 21.12.20). The resolution also makes changes to the form of the bill of lading.
The new form must be applied from January 1, 2021.
And the government decree of 15.04.11 No. 272, which approved the current rules of transportation and the form of the bill of lading, has become invalid since the new year.
The new form is supported by FOLIO programs.

In general, the bill of lading form has changed slightly, but it has some indicators that were not previously available. Let's list the main changes:

  • in section 1, "Shipper", there is a place to mark that the shipper is a freight forwarder;
  • added section 1a, in which, if necessary, you can specify information about the customer (the customer of the organization of transportation);
  • in section 3 "Cargo", you will need, among other things, to specify the declared value (value) of the cargo and the details of the document confirming the shipment of goods;
  • In section 6, "Receiving cargo", you will need to additionally enter information about the person from whom the cargo is being collected. You will need to put the signature of this person, as well as, if necessary, the signature of the carrier;
  • Section 11 "Vehicle" is supplemented with information about the type of ownership of the vehicle ("1" - ownership; " 2 " - lease; "3" - leasing).

For a new form of the letterhead, please contact the FOLIO office.


New improvements

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Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the IY quarter of 2020.

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