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The new bill of lading form is supported by FOLIO programs

Information for users
The Government of the Russian Federation has approved new rules for the transport of goods by road (Resolution No. 2200 of 21.12.20). The resolution also makes changes to the form of the bill of lading.
The new form must be applied from January 1, 2021.
And the government decree of 15.04.11 No. 272, which approved the current rules of transportation and the form of the bill of lading, has become invalid since the new year.
The new form is supported by FOLIO programs.

In general, the bill of lading form has changed slightly, but it has some indicators that were not previously available. Let's list the main changes:

  • in section 1, "Shipper", there is a place to mark that the shipper is a freight forwarder;
  • added section 1a, in which, if necessary, you can specify information about the customer (the customer of the organization of transportation);
  • in section 3 "Cargo", you will need, among other things, to specify the declared value (value) of the cargo and the details of the document confirming the shipment of goods;
  • In section 6, "Receiving cargo", you will need to additionally enter information about the person from whom the cargo is being collected. You will need to put the signature of this person, as well as, if necessary, the signature of the carrier;
  • Section 11 "Vehicle" is supplemented with information about the type of ownership of the vehicle ("1" - ownership; " 2 " - lease; "3" - leasing).

For a new form of the letterhead, please contact the FOLIO office.


New improvements

The information for the users
Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the IY quarter of 2020.


Quick General selection of registries by organization where the cursor is placed

Information for users
The FOLIO WinStore program provides a quick General selection of registers of invoices, invoices, and payment documents for the organization, where the cursor is currently located. In each of the registers there is a button Doc.Org..

Stock Accounting system - a new addition to the program FOLIO WinStore

Addition to the program FOLIO WinStore - Stock Accounting system allows you to take into account past, present and future promotions, their validity period for a specific product, product groups, sets of products selected by the user, additional, promotional and basic discounts, as well as which customers the promotion applies to, and much more.
Until November 15, the add-on is offered at a big discount.
A mandatory condition for use is the availability of a service extension and an updated version of the program.
More detailed


New improvements

The information for the users
Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the III quarter of 2020.


New development of FOLIO to simplify product labeling using mobile devices

New development of FOLIO-stamp scanning program for movers. The program works as a Web application. The loader uses a phone or tablet (any mobile device) to access the site available in the company's work network. The mobile device connects to the scanner (USB scanner) using an OTG cable.
When the goods arrive, if there is an electronic receipt, the loader can check the actual received stamps with the declared list in the electronic document. Verification takes place in the FOLIO working database.
When the goods are consumed according to the issued document, the loader can scan the stamps of the actual goods being shipped. Scanned stamps are also automatically included in the working database.

This solution provides staff mobility at a relatively low cost of equipment.


For owners and buyers Of ATOL cash registers

Dear customers!

The currently transitioning to the ATOL 5.0. software platform. ATOL has completely changed the command system for working with it.

In this regard, please do not switch to the new SOFTWARE for a month (new KCM firmware) until the connection with the FOLIO With the new ATOL command system is completed.
We hope for your understanding.


New improvements

The information for the users
Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the II quarter of 2020.


The marking is ready by the scheduled date!

For the main industries that were supposed to start mandatory labeling on July 1, 2020, we have completed the solution as part of the "FOLIO Winsklad" and "FOLIO Winmarket" programs. The solution is implemented for the following activities: cigarette sales, pharmaceuticals, footwear and clothing sales, and some other industries.

New changes in the program for working with labeled products allow you to:

  • Acceptance of the electronic document UPD from the supplier and registration of receipt from the supplier taking into account branded products;
  • The possibility of manual input of marks;
  • Checking a document created electronically;
  • Release of branded products;
  • Possibility to transfer the electronic UPD to the client (optional).

What is needed:

  • To get a marked software module you must have a current FOLIO software service extension;
  • Registration in the Kontur-Diadok system or any similar authorized system is mandatory (registration is free of charge for obtaining UPD);
  • If the product is subject to re-labeling, registration in the "Honest mark" is required, otherwise it is not necessary;
  • To correctly break through the receipt at the checkout, it is necessary that the Atoll or Bar checkout firmware is not earlier than 28.02.2020;
  • The sales register must be registered to work with marked products.

Our specialist can help you with the above questions.

The cost of the marking module up to 25.07.2020 will be 15 thousand rubles for "FOLIO Winsklad" and "FOLIO Winmarket "and 10 thousand rubles only for "FOLIO Winmarket".
Then the cost for "FOLIO Winsklad" and "FOLIO Winmarket" will be increased to 25 thousand rubles. After the final formulation of the labeling algorithms by government authorities (they are constantly changing) and debugging of these algorithms, the cost will be set at 50 thousand rubles. All those who buy the module will receive its annual support, taking into account the constantly occurring changes.
Read more - document in *.pdf format.


This is the end of the period of total self-isolation!

Dear users!

This is the end of the period of total self-isolation.
We hope all of you are alive and well. We are happy to welcome you. If it is inconvenient to come, call, write and, if necessary, we will remotely help you solve your problems. We know that our users are unique because they are friendly, intelligent, and just good people.

Let's hope that the business of good people will also be successful. Good luck to all and health!


27 anniversaries of the FOLIO company

Dear users!

FOLIO celebrated its 27th anniversary, just like all of us, in an unusual setting.

At this time, when most of you are experiencing a reduction in income, and some of you are forced to wind down your business, we are ready to support you with everything possible: assistance in establishing remote work, discounts. All our employees continue to work remotely, and are available both by phone and, if necessary, can solve complex problems via the Internet by accessing your server.

We are constantly developing new solutions and improving existing ones.

We are grateful to you, dear users, that you are with us. We hope that after the end of the pandemic, we will meet again with you, and everyone will be alive and well. Good luck to you.
Thank you for many years of cooperation, and we will support each other!


The ideal option for the functioning of the company during the period of self-isolation

Dear customers!

For today's situation, remote work becomes especially relevant - in the cloud. If you are still not aware, then the possibility of such work has long existed for programs developed in our company.

This is using the program in "terminal" mode. In this case, the security key is set to the number of program connections you purchased in this "terminal" mode. The server that is used for working in this mode can be your regular computer or a dedicated one for this purpose. If the computer has enough power, it can also store a database.

Other clients are connected to the" terminal "computer remotely and programs are run on this "terminal" computer. To do this, you need to configure the system in a special way. This mode also requires a Microsoft license for a specific version of MS Windows. The Internet provider is required to allocate a permanent, so-called static IP address, so that client computers can find which "terminal" computer they need to interact with. It is possible to work with the same database, for some places in the local network, for some - "terminal".

This is often referred to as working in the cloud. In this case, both the database and the terminal server are located at your Internet service provider, which you pay for these services separately, including for using the appropriate Microsoft licenses . Payment is usually monthly and not small. This location of the database and terminal server (in the cloud) is not required, but it is possible. Our main requirement, in this case, is that the provider allow us to install our security key(it is one) on their server.

But as mentioned before, you can keep the data and the terminal server on your own computers.

We would like to please you with the following offer for the period of self-isolation regime established in the country + 25 days:
For those who have extended service or buy new copies of programs, providing keys and programs that work in terminal mode will cost 1750 rubles for each workplace (according to the price list, 3550 rubles).

It assumes remote key firmware and providing an address for reading the required version of the program. Configuration is performed by your own specialists with the possibility of appropriate consultations. If desired, our company can provide services for such configuration by FOLIO specialists.

If you have any questions about the period of self-isolation, please contact us by email: mail@folio.ru or call +7 (905) 521-07-30, from 10-00 to 18-00 Moscow Time.

More about terminal mode.


New improvements

The information for the users
Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the I quarter of 2020.


New improvements

The information for the users
Familiarize with functional changes and additional possibilities of the warehouse registration programs which have appeared in the IY quarter of 2019.


Unloading books sales for tax inspection

Information for users
A new release of programs that supports the unloading of the sales book for the tax office, all users who have extended the update can get free of charge in the FOLIO office.


Rounding settings as in 1C: Accounting

The issue of rounding in the documents is ambiguous and, in fact, mathematically unsolvable due to the fact that in the calculation of the amounts involved small quantities of a product (with accuracy to a few characters) or small prices and this is compounded by the calculation of the tax, which is calculated from the amount and is included in the calculated amount. At the same time, many accountants require that the total amount for all goods coincide with the accuracy of two characters.
Mathematically, it turns out nonsense. In reality, the amounts for the goods cannot coincide with the total amount for the document, calculated up to two characters.

In 1C: Accounting made the option of showing the document, which adjusts the amount of the documents, showing the wrong, but visually understandable calculation.
Going to meet the wishes of users using 1C: Accounting, we have long made it possible to show the document as in 1C:.
In the feature reference FOLIO describes about this setting. But many do not know about it.

Below shows what needs to be done in FOLIO Win to rounding, and displaying the document was, as in 1C::
To do this in the file cursclad.ini in the section [InpDoc] make the following settings:
PriceByFasov=comma separated types of operations;
For these types of transactions prices for the formation of the amount of the document will be considered as 1C:.
If you have one main type of operation, specify this type of operation for automatic filling:
DefVidOper0=operation type;
Fills in the transaction type for the new invoice with the specified value;
DefVidOper2=operation type;
Fills in the entry type for the new receipt with the specified value
If you work with currency and recalculate the price in rubles, you must specify:

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